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Travellers don't want to spend precious time in the laundry. Our machines can have a big load of clothes washed and dried in one hour! Automatic soap injection saves your guests having to worry about something extra to buy.

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Apartment Apartments

Residents expect their machines to be able to handle doonas as well as woollens and all mixes of laundry generally. Clean Image can supply all types and sizes of washes and dryers. Water usage and power consumption is also of great concern to all of us today.

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Hotel Hotels

Travellers often only have small loads and so don't need a large washer. Clean Image can supply smaller machines for guests as well as larger industrial sizes able to cope with the house laundry.

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With a combined experience of 50 years in the commercial laundry industry, Bill and Brian know and understand what your requirements are. Saving you time and effort, we collect the coins and clean the machines on a regular basis.

The machines never get old because we replace them every 5 or 6 years with the latest, most efficient commercial machines available.

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  • Free supply of coin operated washing machines and dryers
  • Free advice
  • Free site inspection
  • Free delivery and set up
  • Free ongoing service and maintenance
  • Free regular cleaning of the equipment
  • Free upgrades as your needs change
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